Past Prime Box of the Month Offerings

January 2021

2 pieces of USDA Prime Delmonico Steak with Hy's Proprietary Seasoning 
6 pieces of Jamaican Jerk Chicken
4 pieces of Serbian Hamburger with Pita Petite Pockets, Ajvar, and Kajmak Cheese4 pieces of Australian Shrimp on the Barbie Kebabs
20oz of German Potato Salad
16oz of Greek Salad with Red Onion, Cucumber, Red and Yellow Bell Pepper, Kalamata Olive, Tomato, Feta Cheese and Red Wine Vinaigrette
4 pieces of Mexican Street Corn

2021 January Prime Box.jpg
December Prime Box of the Month .png

December 2020

4 pieces of USDA Prime Filet Mignon
1 Whole Chicken Brined for Roasting
3 lbs of Porchetta
1 lbs of Maple-Glazed Vegetables
1.5 lbs of Green Bean Casserole
32 oz of Hy’s French Onion Soup
4 pieces of Cheese Biscuits

November 2020

Seafood Boil with Tristan Lobster Tails, Dungeness Crab Clusters, Clams, Shrimp, Andouille Sausage, Corn, and Red Potatoes 

3 ½ lbs of Pot Roast Beef with Gravy 

1 ½ lbs of Au Gratin Potatoes

Featuring from our sister restaurant, Quiora: 

Housemade Pasta Kit for Four with Handrolled Spaghetti Noodles, Braised Pork Meatballs, and  Tomato Sauce

Garlic Bread 

Colorful Garden Salad Cucumber, Tomato, Watermelon Radish, and Housemade Croutons.

October Prime Box .jpg

October 2020

4 pieces of Braised Lamb Shank
4 pieces of Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffed with Prosciutto & Boschetto Truffle Cheese
4 pieces of Pesto Salmon Filet
4 pieces of Stuffed Tomatoes
28oz of Herb Roasted Potatoes
24oz of Kiawe-Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad
Hy’s Signature Blend Seasoning

September 2020

3 pieces of USDA Prime Ribeye Steak
4 pieces of Hy’s Blend Hamburger Patties with Brioche Bun & Aged Cheddar
4 pieces of Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Breast
3 pounds of St. Louis BBQ Ribs
4 bundles of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Spears
8 pieces of Herb Seasoned Vegetable Kabobs
Hy’s Signature Blend Seasoning


August 2020

4 pieces of USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin
4 pieces of Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breast
3lbs of Pancetta & Spinach Stuffed Pork Loin with Gravy
15oz of Parmesan & Bacon Brussels Sprouts
4 pieces of Herb Butter Sweet Corn
12oz of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Vegetable Medley
Hy’s Signature Blend Seasoning